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We follow ethical and organic SEO practice's to get you sustainable results.

We are your local affordable SEO Services provider in Melbourne. Many SEO companies promise to get you ranking in a short time using grey/black hat techniques. We don’t engage in any shady techniques so you never get penalized by Google. We strive to make you rank first locally and than nationally for organic and business related keywords. We aim to get quality traffic to you web page and not just get any traffic.

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Once you decide to work with us we send you a SEO campaign strategically planned specially for you. After discussing the right keywords and various other strategies with you, we set hard to work to get you to the TOP!

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We completely follow ethical practices to achieve organic SEO. Like all good things it takes time but once you start seeing the results they are long term.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When anyone searches on google returns with a number of search results. Simply put SEO is optimizing your website in order for googles algorithm to read it and deem it important enough to show in the top ten results.

Earlier it was simply adding the required keywords multiple times on your website and google would rank it for that keyword. but overtime googles search algorithm has become smarter and its not just adding the keyword on to the page that it takes into consideration.

Many factors are taken in consideration when doing SEO on a website like; how valuable & informative is the content on the website, how long does the browser stay on your website before they bounce of i.e. come out of your browser, how many external websites are pointing to your website, how good &trusted those sites are, what about internal links in your website and many other factors which we at SIM’s SEO in Melbourne strive hard to achieve.

Adding the content gradually and regularly while monitoring all the other SEO related factors on an ongoing basis results in ranking your website on the first page. And an on going effort is what keeps it there.

That is one way for Google to determine the importance of your website. Consider it like getting word of mouth recommendations or personal references from other website’s to the user to go an check out your website for the that particular service. This is also referred to as creating back-links for your website.

Here’s the catch its of utmost importance to get links from good reputable websites on your business related keywords. Getting links with wrong keywords will just make the user leave your website quickly because they didn’t find what they were looking for. And Google penalizes your website by reducing trust of your website which than results in dropping in rankings even further.

Google as this program it calls spiders that crawl your website to index it which it than shows in search results as and when required. When it starts crawling from a certain page and is not able to crawl all your content on all the pages is bad for your website.

The same is true for the user who comes to your website through some page but leaves early because its not engaging enough or they cant reach all your pages. Internal links when done correctly can enable easy access to all the information and content on your website.

SEO feels expensive we understand that. But like any marketing effort it takes money & time to see the results. And out of all the marketing & advertising you can do SEO can be your best investment. SEO takes lots of effort, skill and dedication to achieve desired results.

Since its long term & brings customers who are already searching for your product/service to your website. So you are ensured that all your money is going towards only your targeted customers with the need of your product/service. Return on Investment is very satisfying and motivating that you see once you start ranking.

It generally takes 4 to 6 months for SEO to work, although this number can vary depending on the competitiveness of the industry and the effectiveness of the campaign. Also when done properly with planning you can start seeing results gradually for more niche keywords and than later for more broader terms.

It’s worth noting that the effects of your SEO efforts are cumulative. Working consistently on your website for SEO will generate more and more results over time. For example,  you can expect to be generating significantly more traffic after a year than you’ll see at the 6-month mark.

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